Crowns and Bridges


1. PFM - Porcelain Fused Metal Crowns are dentistry’s primary choices for restorations.
2. Metal Free - The innovative IPS e.max Press lithium di-silicate glass-ceramic (LS2) offers excellent fit, form and function combined with high strength of 400 MPa.
3. Metal - When functionality plays a more important role than aesthetics, full metal crowns are mostly used in posterior teeth.
4. Composites - Suitable for the fabrication of both metal-supported and metal-free restorations

Digital CAD-CAM

1. DC Zirconia - DC Zirconia combines the esthetics your patients demand with the strength and affordable price you desire.
2. DC Monolith - DC Monolith is the tooth-coloured, metal-free and biocompatible alternative to full castmetal restorations and non-precious PFM in the posterior region.
3. MLS® - Laser Sintered Copings (Chrome Cobalt)
4. MLS®HS - (High Strength) "MLS® is now a registered trademark of Dental Ceramists."
5. IVOCLAR Zenostar - Zenostar has a Natural appearance through individual shading to match to the desired color.
6. PMMA - Manufactured out of a single, pre­shaded block of PMMA, DC provides excellent craftsmanship and quick turnaround for your provisional restorations.


1. DC Press
2. Emax Press
3. Empress
4. Lava Ultimate

Inlays & Onlays

Are indirect alternatives of composite which are used to fill cavities. The dentist prepares minimal finish lines around the cavities. The final restoration can be made in Composite or Ceramic as required.

Vacuum Formed Appliances

1. Bleaching Trays
2. Night Guards
3. Sports Guards
4. Splints
5. Aligners

Implant Solutions

We provide complete solutions for Implant Cases right from case planning to final restorations. We can work with any implant System choosen by the Dentist. We offer

1. Cemented Crowns and Bridges Traditional / CAD-CAM
2. Full Mouth Implant Rehabilitation Traditional / CAD-CAM
3. Full Mouth Implant Rehabilitation Traditional / CAD-CAM

CAD/CAM dental resin models

Integrating digital data from the latest intra-oral scanners to prepare stunning & highly accurate acrylic models eliminating the need for plaster based casts, getting you the future of dentistry, now!

Outsourcing Services Offered to other Dental Labs :
We also provide you with a comprehensive line-up of laboratory coping outsourcing services.

Many ways to send your cases for production

1. Models thru hand-delivery (Mumbai)
2. Models thru Courier
3. Via Dropbox - Scanned Files (STLformat) using any scanner
4. Via Email - Scanned Files (STLformat) using any scanner